Family Law Lawyers

Family Law Lawyers

Divorce Attorneys in Omaha

Why You Need a Family Lawyer:

When legal issues arise involving your family, getting good advice from an experienced legal professional can make all the difference. A local family lawyer can explain what the court process looks like, how judges make custody decisions, and how to handle the practical aspects of your family law matter. From restraining orders and domestic violence to adoption and divorce, a family law attorney in Omaha can answer questions, handle disputes, draft important legal documents, and walk you through the legal issues within your family.

At Horgan Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we understand that these struggles are overwhelming and complex. Therefore, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way as your dedicated Omaha family law attorneys. We provide sound advice and strong legal representation in all aspects of family law issues involving divorce, child custody, child support, parental rights, and other legal matters. Whatever your family law needs, our compassionate, dedicated, and experienced family law attorneys in Omaha, NE will take care of you.

Ways An Omaha Family Attorney Can Help?

There are various benefits of hiring an attorney to resolve family matters. For example, a family lawyer with our firm shows value by helping you through the difficult process of filing for divorce (contested and uncontested divorce) or other proceedings. We can handle the details of legal paperwork and negotiate alimony, property division, or child support agreements. Our family law attorneys can also help you through custody disputes and visitation arrangements.

A lawyer also can be useful during times of joy. If you’re contemplating getting married, a qualified attorney can figure out how your marriage affects your finances and assets. A premarital agreement (prenuptial agreement) can protect everyone involved if the marriage ends.

Omaha Divorce Attorneys

Depending on your situation, it might include everything from determining the disposition of any marital property or assets and spousal support issues to custody and child support issues. All of these decisions will be worked through with the help of your Horgan Law Firm, P.L.L.C. attorney.

Child Custody/Visitations

Allocation of child custody means more than just deciding which parent the child will live with and when; it also involves decision-making powers for the child and child support. While it’s advisable to work with your spouse to agree on a parenting plan, if you do not or cannot, the court will have to create one for you. The court must maintain objectivity, and they will focus solely on the best interests of your child. If your divorce is contentious, your attorney can negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to represent your needs and help reach an agreement.

Adoption Attorney Omaha

Adoptions can be exciting, yet emotional. You will need an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process. The family law attorneys at Horgan Law Firm, P.L.L.C. in Omaha are experts in this area and will help you through the legal channels so you can concentrate on growing your family!

Horgan Law Firm, P.L.L.C. Omaha Family Law Attorneys

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Get started right now in securing your family law rights. Becoming educated and consulting with an experienced family law attorney in Omaha, Nebraska who will fight for you is your first step to saving your family.

Our expert team of Family Lawyers in Omaha is here to help! Whether you need divorce help, child custody help, child support help, or any other Family Law issue, our dedicated team of family law experts is happy to schedule a consultation to make sure you understand your rights!